Chip Mergott

Chip Mergott is no square.
Chip Mergott is no square.

Some of the work I am proudest of is the work that I have done with my friend and colleague Chip Mergott.  Chip and I met over 20 years ago when I became a talk-show host at WDVR-fm.  (Chip holds the record for the most guest spots of anyone on that very program.)  In 2015 Chip recruited me to help him with some projects that needed technical expertise and so began a new phase of our professional relationship–as the head of his management company.

In the years since I have served as the project manager for Chip’s first book How to Play the Guitar in One Hour.  I proofread, photographed, illustrated, desktop published and handled the technical aspects of the publishing process.  This included setting up the new website for the book.

My management has continued and in the process I designed the covers for a half-dozen commercial releases including the “Carol of the Bells” remix single.

album cover carol of the belss cover of Live 7/31/15 Album cover of Chip Mergott's Bridges Blind Willie Blues Cover Art





I assisted in the technical aspects of eight commercial releases including Chip’s latest singer-songwriter album, I Can’t Stop Myself.  I also organized the release party for the album, a sold-out show at the Flemington Women’s Club on October 29, 2016.

We have worked closely on several projects that await release, but one ongoing project that we built together is Chip’s Patreon Page.  (For those not familiar, Patreon is a crowdfunding site that allows creators to make small projects, in this case intimate music videos, and receive funding on a monthly basis for the content.)  For Chip’s Patreon: I opened the account, posted the artwork and helped shaped the premiums.

the cover photo of Chip Mergott's Patreon

Chip is currently hard at work on several projects and some surprises are likely to be released soon.  Keep following Chip on Facebook to stay up-to-date on his latest gigs, videos and releases.

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